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Save Money

  • Offset carrier rate increases
  • Secure best in class shipping rates
  • Performance-based service
  • We find savings for 90% of businesses

Save Time

  • Quick turnaround for immediate savings
  • Limited resources and time required
  • Initial shipping rate analysis completed in days

Efficient and Transparent

  • Risk-free rate analysis identifies savings
  • Dedicated shipping specialists
  • Detailed audit reporting
  • Cost control on every shipment

Risk-Free Solution

The WeeklySHIP™ approach is focused on offering package cost containment services to virtually any sized company, regardless of number of employees, packages sent, or diversity of facilities.

  • We conduct a risk-free rate analysis for businesses with a shipping carrier spend over $350,000 (Parcel) and/or $1M (FTL/LTL, Ocean, Rail, Air Freight) to identify savings and insure best-in-class shipping rates and terms.
  • Leverage our teams successful process using business intelligence and experience to successfully support the negotiations of your carrier contracts.
  • Benchmarking and reports are very detailed and accurate. Saving opportunities that the most sophisticated logistic department often overlooks.
  • This service allows businesses to operate normally with no changes to their current logistic operations, but at substantially reduced rates for deep impact to their bottom line.
  • No change of carriers needed for substantial savings.
  • The parcel shipping contract negotiation support includes ongoing rate auditing to insure your negotiated terms meet your weekly carrier invoicing.

The Problem

Many carriers dramatically increased their shipping rates in 2022 and are again raising rates and surcharges by at least 6.9% in 2023. Companies of all sizes (SMB to Enterprise Global) need to offset rising costs to maximize profitability without changing business operations, processes or carriers.


WeeklySHIP can reduce your shipping costs through a No Cost, No Obligation, shipping rate audit/analysis. Our proven solution leverages sector-based business intelligence, price/term benchmarking, carrier invoice auditing and reporting along with renegotiation support to deliver Best-in-Class shipping rates/terms for your business.

WeeklySHIP™ operates as a risk-free extension of your staff saving you money each and every week. Click below and join the thousands of accounts that have discovered why WeeklySHIP™ is on an entirely different level when it comes to turnkey cost reduction.

CASE Studies

Why Use WeeklySHIP

Our team of leading experts and efficient and transparent process produces measurable success and deep savings to our clients. We leverage business-sector intelligence and decades of experience to produce better results than any your business can negotiate on its own.

Our solution is performance-based and our results speak for themselves recovering more money back into your business to increase your profitability.

When you work with us you will be join our long list of clients in receiving the following benefits :

  • Offset Shipping Carrier Rate Increases
  • Secure Best in Class Shipping Rates
  • Limited Resources and Time Required
  • Risk Free, Rate Analysis Identifies Savings
  • Dedicated Shipping Specialists to Serve You
  • Cost Control and Audit on Every Shipment

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WeeklySHIP’s referral business program is second to none. We offer high residual commission rates with a sophisticated technology platform for referral submission, referral management and tracking, and agent commission reporting.

Our agent partners are supported by a staff of dedicated shipping specialists, business and technology teams to manage your referrals through the entire sales cycle.

Our performance-based cost reduction solution helps companies of all sizes and industries reduce their carrier rates. Shippers need to save money to offset their rising costs- WeeklySHIP offers a solution to address their needs. Now is a great time to partner with the team at WeeklySHIP.

If you are interested in learning more about our rewarding opportunity, we would love to hear from you! Email Agent @ WeeklyShip

About Us

Since 2003, Recovery Control Systems (RCS) has provided the industry’s leading small package auditing (WeeklyAUDIT™) and shipping rate reduction (WeeklySHIP™) solutions. Our SaaS model providing businesses the ability to save money each week on their shipping.

There have been dynamic changes in the business marketplace over the past 5 years. Our WeeklySHIP™ division services a rapidly expanding need as shipping, transportation and logistics has grown into a priority focus of business executives. As shipping volumes and costs continue to increase annually, businesses are looking to WeeklySHIP™ to find ways to reduce their costs and efficiencies.

Background of Experience and Results: Backed by a team of former shipping carrier pricing executives that managed contracts for UPS, FedEx, DHL TNT, Old Dominion, and other transportation industry leaders.

WeeklySHIP™ will help you save time, save money and increase your transportation and logistics efficiency. Click “Schedule Your Rate Analysis” below to speak with a shipping specialist for more information with a no obligation cost analysis.

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